Best Financial Portfolio Management Tools in 2021

Susan Kelly

Dec 06, 2021

Keeping track of your trading accounts, 401(k) plans, investment accounts, or saving accounts is no small task. Investors need the best financial portfolio management tool to receive separate updates for each account related to stocks, bonds, and ETFs. It is a challenging job to manage multiple portfolios. They require a tool that can collect all investments, track the performance of multiple accounts, and assist them to keep an eye on all expenses. Therefore, the financial portfolio management tool accommodates the investors to manage and keep track of their portfolios. In this article, we take into account the best portfolio management tools, their cost, and their top-notch features.

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Financial Portfolio Management Tools

  • Personal Capital
  • Morningstar Portfolio Manager
  • Stock Rover
  • Quicken Premier 2022

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of the top-rated financial portfolio management tools available today. The free platform with mobile and computer access allows you to manage all your financial accounts in a single place. This tool offers a free financial dashboard that gives a comprehensive view of how your investments are performing. You can get a large financial snapshot of your overall finances with this amazing tool. Moreover, it has loads of useful features as follows:


  • Personal Capital has a retirement planner calculator that helps you to plan for retirement and to meet your retirement goals. This tool shows that how much expenses your current portfolio can allow during your retirement.
  • There is a 30-day cash flow tracker in this tool that analyzes your cash flow.
  • Personal Capital possesses an investment checkup tool that analyzes and compares your current asset allocation to the recommended asset allocation.
  • This tool shows future projections, risks, and returns.
  • The budgeting tool in this management software creates a budget and allows you to meet your day-to-day spending goals.

Pricing: Free

Stock Rover

If you need a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your financial portfolios, Stock Rover is the ideal choice for it. Stock Rover is a powerful analysis tool that can link up your brokerage account. It provides the option of connecting your brokerage data, entering it manually or you can use a spreadsheet to analyze your portfolio. Moreover, Stock Rover supports multiple accounts including Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Vanguard, Wells Frago, Chase, and more. This advanced management tool has distinct features.


  • You get access to a unique historical fundamental database with this tool.
  • Stock Rover provides detailed portfolio analytics.
  • It gives daily, weekly and monthly reports showing the performance of your portfolio or watch list of setting targets.

Pricing: Stock Rover has a free tier and three paid plans, Essentials, Premium, Premium Plus. Paid plans have different features with different price ranges. You can check their website to get details of their plans.

Quicken Premier

Just like Personal Capital, the Quicken Premier analyzes your financial portfolios and you can get a comprehensive view of your finances in a single dashboard. This amazing tool offers financial portfolio management services including tracking, budgeting, and monitoring your investment performance. It helps you to maximize your investments and reduce your taxes. Furthermore, this management tool has an online app to manage your money.


  • It has also a retirement planner tool.
  • The tool gives in-depth reports directly from Quicken including returns, gains, investment, performance, tax reports, and more.
  • It has the option of trade tracking that tracks the investment activity.
  • Analyze the risk and return.

Pricing: The discounted offer is $46.79/yr. for a limited time. The actual pricing is $77.99/yr.

Morningstar Portfolio Manager

This free and premium portfolio management tool allows investors to choose between importing or manually entering each of their investments. It has an instant X-ray feature that gives you comprehensive information about your asset allocation. Morningstar offers in-depth analysis, tracks your investment portfolios in one place, and creates a watch list of potential opportunities. The free version of this tool is suitable for beginners. The premium version included scores of the features.


  • Morningstar tracks the investments for stocks, bonds, and cash.
  • The premium version of Morningstar gives a portfolio analysis report., financial ratio, funds and stocks screening, and expense analysis.
  • The Morningstar X-ray feature shows how your investments are positioned including stock type, stock rate, and asset allocation.
  • Keeps track of price changes, market value, and Morningstar rating.

Pricing: There is a free version having limited features but is suitable for beginners. The premium version of Morningstar gives a 14-day free trial. After that, the pricing is $29.95 per month.


The best financial portfolio management tool depends on your goals and finances. You can manage and track your portfolios with these above-discussed popular tools. Investors use such management tools to encompass various investments accounts which will help them to grow their portfolios. Before making any purchase, be sure to study each tool in depth. Moreover, you can take advantage of the free tools or the tools with a free trial. Organize your finances now with one of the top best management tools.

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